Volkswagen decides on measures to reduce workforce

Volkswagen decides on measures to reduce workforce

Volkswagen AG said Sunday that it has agreed on measures with the works council for this year that include steps to cut jobs by offering partial and early retirement to some staff.

The German car maker said it would offer partial retirement options for employees born in 1961, 1962 or 1964, and offer early retirement for staff born between 1956 and 1960. It said expects up to 900 employees to choose early retirement and “a low four-digit number” to opt for partial retirement.

A previously implemented hiring freeze will be extended, while unfilled positions will be reviewed, it said. Only the company’s electrification, digitization and battery-cell development areas will be able to hire external staff, it said.

The qualification budget will increase by 40 million euros ($47.8 million) to EUR200 million, the auto maker said. It didn’t disclose the overall costs it expects to implement the measures.

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