It’s early days for Pfizer’s EZH2 inhibitor, but there’s a glimpse of hope for some

EZH2 inhibitors are a budding drug class—already with one approved therapy and a few in the pipeline—and Pfizer is the largest pharma to add the tool to its clinical belt. And phase 1 data of Pfizer’s asset point toward a positive safety profile, with glimpses of benefit for some cancer patients, though not all tested may be able to count on the therapy.

Adding bempeg to Opdivo lowered response rate in Bristol Myers-Nektar failed cancer trial

The European Society for Medical Oncology (ESMO) congress could have been a victory lap for Bristol Myers Squibb and Nektar Therapeutics, the moment when a bold bet delivered clinical data to upend the immuno-oncology space. Instead, the partners were left to sift through the wreckage of a failed trial that suggested bempegaldesleukin may make Opdivo less—not more—effective.

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