New P.E.I. business alliance forms ahead of election

New P.E.I. business alliance forms ahead of election

Group wants to keep economy top of mind for campaign.

Businesses and industry associations on P.E.I. have banded together in hopes of making sure their concerns are heard by politicians — and become an issue in the upcoming provincial election.

“This alliance represents thousands of Island businesses employing tens of thousand of Islanders. We want to make sure that the economy continues to be part of the conversation during the election and certainly after,” said spokesperson Penny Walsh-McGuire. 

“This is important as private sector, as industry associations and business organizations. If we can’t come together, it’s really challenging for a government to understand how they move the agenda forward as well.”

Walsh-McGuire didn’t provide specifics about what the group would be asking for, but said more details would be shared when the group, Partnership for Growth, officially launches Wednesday morning.

Spokesperson Penny Walsh-McGuire says the group felt it was important to come together to form a voice. 

“We’ll be sharing our vision for a sustainable economy that supports successful business and successful Islanders, we’ll be looking for their [the political parities] response to that vision and how they would work to help us achieve it,” she said.

She said there is currently a momentum to P.E.I.’s economy, but there are issues ahead the province will face.

Keep momentum going

“An aging demographic, need to improve poverty situations in our province, the link to pay for some of the services that we have in the province is that Islanders deserve and Islanders hold dear are directly and intimately related to a strong economy,” she said.

There are currently 20 business-related organizations that make up the group: 

  • Greater Charlottetown Area Chamber of Commerce.
  • Acadian & Francophone Chamber of Commerce.
  • RDEE P.E.I.
  • Eastern P.E.I. Chamber of Commerce.
  • Greater Summerside Chamber of Commerce.
  • Kensington & Area Chamber of Commerce.
  • West Prince Chamber of Commerce.
  • Canadian Federation of Independent Business.
  • Atlantic Canada Aerospace & Defence Association.
  • Chartered Professional Accountants P.E.I.
  • Chartered Professionals in Human Resources P.E.I.
  • Construction Association of P.E.I.
  • Creative P.E.I.
  • P.E.I. BioAllance.
  • P.E.I. Federation of Agriculture.
  • P.E.I. Fisherman’s Association.
  • P.E.I. Real Estate Association.
  • Retail Council of Canada.
  • Tourism Industry Association of P.E.I.
  • P.E.I. Automobile Dealers Association.

The group will have met with all political party leaders prior to its official launch, which will be Wednesday, March 27, at 11 a.m. at Nature Corps International in Kensington, P.E.I.

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