Janssen promotes R&D exec into newfound data science role

Janssen promotes R&D exec into newfound data science role

Following in the footsteps of an increasing number of biopharmas that want to use data to get more bang for their buck in R&D, Johnson & Johnson has promoted Najat Khan, Ph.D., to the role of chief data science officer.

She’ll continue on as its global head of strategy and operations in R&D but will also now run the data science side, which in a nutshell aims to make R&D more efficient by using deep dives into data in hopes of finding more pipeline winners more readily.

“Najat’s new role is further evidence of the continued evolution of the R&D team and the critical role that data science will have in the future of healthcare,” J&J said in an emailed statement to FierceBiotech.

“In reality, data science is positioned to be the biggest differentiator in healthcare in the coming five to ten years and Janssen R&D is building a team that is ideally suited to lead the way,” a spokesperson for the Big Pharma added.

“I am excited to continue my career as a leader in an organization truly committed to innovation fueled by Data Science and building an exceptionally talented team bilingual in both Science and Data Science that is ideally suited to address the changing world of healthcare,” added Khan via J&J’s LinkedIn post.

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