Hanover airport: flights halted because of car on runway

Hanover airport: flights halted because of car on runway

Man arrested after crashing through barrier, causing incoming flights to be temporarily diverted

Airport traffic was suspended at Hanover airport on Saturday after a car crashed through a barrier and drove on to the runway, police said.

“A security incident occurred at Hanover airport around 15.40 [2.40pm GMT]. A man broke through a barrier in a car which went onto the runway,” Hanover police wrote on Twitter.

Part of terminal A was closed, but the two other terminals remained open, police told German news agency DPA. Incoming flights were temporarily diverted to other airports. Airport operations resumed around 8.05pm local time, police said.

The driver of the vehicle, a European man aged around 20, was quickly arrested and tested positive for cocaine and amphetamines, Hanover police said.

The car, registered in Poland, had been searched but no weapons were found, a police spokesman told the German DPA news agency.

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