GN Hearing revamps Interton portfolio with 10 new smartphone-connected hearing aids

GN Hearing revamps Interton portfolio with 10 new smartphone-connected hearing aids

Hear ye, hear ye! GN Hearing is continuing the recent expansion of its suite of hearing technology with the introduction of 10 new hearing aids designed to fit more easily into wearers’ lives.

The new models make up the Interton Move collection and represent the most significant makeover in the history of the Interton brand, which GN acquired in 2005.

The Interton Move hearing aids include in-ear and behind-the-ear models that can be customized with different fits and colors. Each of the devices is equipped with a new audio processing platform that is stronger and faster than previous iterations, while the collection’s “Super Power” device provides even more powerful support for profound hearing loss.

Additionally, the mini receiver-in-ear Interton Move model is completely rechargeable. Its accompanying desktop charger can get the device from 0% to 100% power in just three hours, and a full charge can last up to 30 hours.

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All 10 of the new models connect wirelessly to iOS devices and some Androids, allowing users to stream music and podcasts and take phone calls directly through their hearing aids.

They can also use the Interton Sound app to adjust their hearing aid settings throughout the day and connect to other GN devices. Those offerings include a TV streamer that feeds stereo output directly into a hearing aid and discreet microphones that clip onto another person’s clothing to make having conversations in crowded and noisy environments much easier.

“At GN Hearing, we want to make life sound better for every person with hearing loss. Treating hearing loss can radically transform an individual’s life, as they can hear more and return to doing what they love,” said GN Hearing CEO and President Gitte Aabo. “With the launch of Interton Move, we’re pleased to support the crucial role that hearing care professionals play in helping people access the hearing care they need.”

The rollout of the Interton Move collection, which will be available around the world beginning this month, follows GN’s revamp of its ReSound brand. Last August, the company introduced the ReSound ONE line of rechargeable and battery-powered hearing aids, which include an extra microphone inside the ear and are customized specifically to the anatomy of each wearer’s ear canal.

And in February, GN rolled out another set of 10 new hearing aids comprising the ReSound Key collection. Like the Interton Move line, this collection includes rechargeable options and wireless streaming to iOS and Android smartphones. It’s also supported by the ReSound Assist Live telehealth service, which allows clinicians to program and adjust the hearing aids remotely via video consultations.

GN’s new and improved range of products marks the Danish company’s attempts to make up for the severe impacts of COVID-19 on its business in 2020, when parent company GN Store Nord reported a 24% drop in organic revenue growth for the GN Hearing segment.

Things are already looking up for GN, however: In April, the company noted that preliminary first-quarter results showed 1% organic revenue growth for GN Hearing and that the segment was on track to report growth of more than 25% for the entire year.

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