Platinum Group Metals Ltd. (PTM:CA) Rises 6.57% for February 22

Platinum Group Metals Ltd. (PTM:CA) Rises 6.57% for February 22

February 22 was a positive day for Platinum Group Metals Ltd. (PTM:CA) as its stock finished the day having gained 6.57% to hit a price of $2.11 a share. The company reached a market cap of 69.2 million and has 32.8 million shares outstanding. Platinum Group Metals Ltd. is a component of the the S&P/TSX SmallCap Index.

38,326 shares changed hands over the course of the day as compared to an average volume of 15,708 over the last 30 days for Platinum Group Metals Ltd..

Platinum Group Metals Ltd is a mineral exploration and development company. Primarily it focuses on the production of platinum and palladium. The company has its operations in South Africa and Canada. Its key projects include Maseve mine and Waterberg. The Maseve mine project is located in the Western Bushveld region of South Africa. The mine assists in extraction and processing of platinum group metals and associated minerals. Waterberg project constitutes a large system containing multiple, thick mineralized layers which helps in low-cost mechanized mining.. The company makes its home in Vancouver, BC, and is currently under the leadership of CEO R. Michael Jones.

Platinum Group Metals Ltd. has hit a high of $5.30 and reached a low of $1.15 over its last year of trading. The stock’s 50-day SMA is now $1.92 and 200-day SMA is $1.80. As for its price valuations, the P/E ratio is at 0 and P/B is now -1.34.

The S&P/TSX SmallCap Index tracks over 200 Canadian small-cap stocks for cumulative performance. Relying on market cap weighting to calculate returns, it’s an index similar in composition to the Russell 2000, only focused on Canadian companies and much smaller in terms of its total membership. Widely recognized as the benchmark for small-cap Canadian stocks, the member companies must have a market cap between C$100 million and C$1.5 billion and an average share price of at least C$1.

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