Pfizer’s JAK abrocitinib comes through in teen eczema test

Pfizer’s JAK abrocitinib comes through in teen eczema test

Hoping to carve out a niche in a tough market full of competitors, Pfizer has posted yet more positive data in atopic dermatitis.

This latest phase 3 in a line of studies from the Dupixent-rivaling hopeful was across just under 300 adolescent patients aged 12 to 18 with atopic dermatitis, aka eczema.

Last year, there were positives in two similar trials: Jade-Mono-1, which saw positive data, and the similar Jade-Mono-2, which also posted positive updates. Both are focused on children 12-plus.

Now, in this latest phase 3, known as Jade Teen, top-line results released today showed the percentage of patients achieving each co-primary efficacy endpoint after 12 weeks “was statistically significantly higher with both doses of abrocitinib than with placebo,” according to Pfizer.

Toxicity remains a key issue for JAK drugs, and Pfizer says abrocitinib’s safety “was consistent with previous studies” and that the percentage of patients who experienced serious adverse events or adverse events leading to study discontinuation were similar across the placebo (2.1% each), abrocitinib 100 mg (0% and 1.1%, respectively) and abrocitinib 200 mg (1.1% and 2.1%, respectively) treatment arms.

Greater detail, though, on safety was not revealed. Full results of this, and its efficacy, will presented at a later medical meeting.

“Up to 20% of children are affected by atopic dermatitis and there remains a significant unmet need for new treatment options that may improve their care,” said Michael Corbo, Ph.D., chief development officer and senior vice president for inflammation and immunology global product development at Pfizer.

“For children and adolescents, these findings build on the positive results of our companion phase 3 monotherapy trials that included patients twelve years and older.”

Back in March, Pfizer also posted data showing abrocitinib hit its co-primary efficacy endpoints in another phase 3 test, known as Jade Compare, which was focused on moderate to severe atopic dermatitis.

Pfizer plans to file for FDA review later this year.

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