Parexel, tapping new partner Datavant, pens TriNetX real-world data pact

Parexel, tapping new partner Datavant, pens TriNetX real-world data pact

In a mix-up of trial-based solutions, CRO Parexel is using its recent partnership with Datavant to run a pact with life science data firm TriNetX.

The deal breaks down like this: Parexel signed the deal, but the heavy lifting will be done by San Francisco-based Datavant—Vivek Ramaswamy’s service firm with tech that allows the linking of traditional healthcare data sources like electronic medical records, claims and diagnostics with other emerging sources such as genomics, socioeconomic data, information from wearable devices and behavioral data.

The pair signed up to a trial workflow deal last October, and Datavant will now work with TriNetX (which incidentally also partners with Datavant) specifically to gain new insights from real-world data.

As the three explain in a release: “Working with Parexel’s strategic partner Datavant … the integrated offering will leverage Datavant’s privacy-protecting linking technology to connect Parexel’s study operations data with de-identified data from TriNetX’s network of global healthcare organizations, streamlining access to real-world data to enhance clinical trials and deliver new therapies faster.”

Financials of the deal were not disclosed.

The idea is to make understanding these data on the ground easier and to provide access to more relevant information about what is going on, especially in the quickfire trial situation the industry has found itself in during the pandemic.

“Integrating real-world data into the clinical development process has the potential to increase the amount of information gained from each trial, and thus dramatically accelerate the drug development process,” explained Travis May, CEO of Datavant.

“We are proud to be working with both Parexel and TriNetX to enhance such real-world data studies by allowing clinical trial data to be linked to real-world data while ensuring regulatory compliance and protecting patient privacy.”

TriNetX has working deals with Sanofi and Pfizer as well as Datavant.

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