Just Energy Group Inc. (JE:CA) Rises 5.22% for February 08

Just Energy Group Inc. (JE:CA) Rises 5.22% for February 08

February 08 was a positive day for Just Energy Group Inc. (JE:CA) as its stock finished the day having gained 5.22% to hit a price of $4.64 a share. The company reached a market cap of 693.74 million and has 149.51 million shares outstanding. Just Energy Group Inc. is a component of the the S&P/TSX Composite Index.

589,261 shares changed hands over the course of the day as compared to an average volume of 245,794 over the last 30 days for Just Energy Group Inc..

Just Energy Group Inc is a Canadian-based electricity and natural gas company that operates in various Canadian provinces, the United States, and the United Kingdom. The company mainly sells its products to residential and small community customers through its Consumer segment and to mid-sized commercial customers through its Commercial segment. Despite being headquartered in Canada, the majority of the company’s overall revenue is generated in the U.S., specifically, in electricity and in the consumer segment. Aside from fixed-price contracts, the company also sells variable-price and flat-bill contracts, “Just Green” SmartStat thermostats, and solar panels.. The company makes its home in Mississauga, ON, and is currently under the leadership of CEO Patrick McCullough.

Just Energy Group Inc. has hit a high of $6.42 and reached a low of $3.66 over its last year of trading. The stock’s 50-day SMA is now $4.91 and 200-day SMA is $4.49. As for its price valuations, the P/E ratio is at 1.8 and P/B is now 5.04.

Launched in 1977, the S&P/TSX Composite Index is widely recognized as the benchmark gauge for the broader Canadian equity market. According to TMX, the index cover approximately 95% of the Canadian equities market and only Canadian-based companies listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange are eligible to be included in the index.

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