How Social Experiences Can Determine How Old You Look

How Social Experiences Can Determine How Old You Look

Chronological Age And Biological Age – How To Stay Young Forever?

Have you ever imagined that your body might be in it’s 20s even when you are aging or your body is aging faster than you that it’s in 50s?

A new research has explored more about chronological age and biological age. Chronological age is the actual number of years, months and days the person has been alive and biological age refer to how old a person looks.

According to an Express report, some researchers compared the biological age of 4,000 people with their chronological age (years since birth).

They looked into the DNA of these people who were above 57. Surprisingly, a 59-year-old person was found to have a biological age of just 23 and another 66-year-old person had an age of 114.

Over the period of time, DNA undergoes a kind of disarrangement and this is what researchers were looking into. They looked into how the epigenetics, the DNA alterations that turn genes off or on changed over time.

Researchers believe that the epigenetic profile of a person can be changed due to adverse social experiences which may eventually affect the health adversely.

“There were people who looked 36 years younger, while some look 48 years older,” said Dr Eileen Crimmins, professor of gerontology at the University of Southern California

As per the findings from the research, women naturally are one or two years younger than men. Smoking and childhood issues play a significant role in internal aging while obesity is the biggest factor.

Every person age internally at a different rate. When it comes to aging, life long experiences can affect positively or negatively.

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