Green Plains Inc. (GPRE) Soars 6.33% on February 12

Green Plains Inc. (GPRE) Soars 6.33% on February 12

Green Plains Inc. (GPRE) had a good day on the market for Tuesday February 12 as shares jumped 6.33% to close at $14.44. About 2.23 million shares traded hands on 16,118 trades for the day, compared with an average daily volume of n/a shares out of a total float of 41.41 million. After opening the trading day at $13.59, shares of Green Plains Inc. stayed within a range of $14.58 to $13.59.

With today’s gains, Green Plains Inc. now has a market cap of $598.02 million.

The stock has a P/E Ratio of 74.3. Shares of Green Plains Inc. have been trading within a range of $21.90 and $12.00 over the last year, and it had a 50-day SMA of $n/a and a 200-day SMA of $n/a.

Green Plains Inc manufactures and sells ethanol and ethanol byproducts. The company organizes itself into four segments based on function. The marketing and distribution segment, which generates the vast majority of revenue, sells and distributes ethanol, distillers grains, corn oil, grain, and natural gas produced by both Green Plains and other third parties. The agribusiness segment purchases the corn used to make ethanol and also runs a cattle feedlot operation. The ethanol production segment operates the plants that produce ethanol from corn, while the partnership segment provides fuel storage and transportation services through the ownership and lease of railcar tanks, storage tanks, and shipping terminals. Nearly all revenue comes from the United States.

Green Plains Inc. is based out of Omaha, NE and has some 1,427 employees. Its CEO is Todd A. Becker.

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