Alcoa Corporation (AA) Dips 2.62%

Alcoa Corporation (AA) Dips 2.62%

Among the S&P 500’s biggest fallers on Monday September 30 was Alcoa Corporation (AA). The stock experienced a 2.62% decline to $20.07 with 3.28 million shares changing hands.

Alcoa Corporation started at an opening price of 20.53 and hit a high of $20.55 and a low of $19.95. Ultimately, the stock took a hit and finished the day at $0.54 per share. Alcoa Corporation trades an average of n/a shares a day out of a total 185.56 million shares outstanding. The current moving averages are a 50-day SMA of $n/a and a 200-day SMA of $n/a. Alcoa Corporation hit a high of $45.45 and a low of $16.46 over the last year.

Alcoa is a vertically integrated aluminum company involved in every phase of aluminum production, including bauxite mining, alumina refining, and the manufacture of primary aluminum. The firm is the world’s largest bauxite miner and alumina refiner by production volume, and its profits are closely tied to prevailing commodity prices along the aluminum supply chain.

With its headquarters located in Pittsburgh, PA, Alcoa Corporation employs 14,000 people. After today’s trading, the company’s market cap has fallen to $3.72 billion, a P/S of n/a, a P/B of 0.76, and a P/FCF of n/a.

For all the attention paid to the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA), it’s the S&P 500 that’s relied on by insiders and institutional investors. It represents the industry standard for American large-cap indices.

The Dow is made up of just 30 stocks to the S&P 500’s 500, and it uses an unreliable and outdated price-weighting system where the S&P 500 relies on market cap in weighting its returns. This is why its long-term returns is a much more reliable gauge for the performance of large- and mega-cap stocks over time.

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